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June 29th, 2012 (03:32 pm)

Attitude: okay

Another post in less than a month. I'm sure I've amazed you all.

It's been a decent summer here so far. It's what several people call "birthday row," with several birthdays throughout the month and through part of next month as well, so you can imagine the chaos. And the sugar. I've avoided the sugar pretty well, although with Markez being no help, I've managed to get some cake here and there. I hope he grows out of the desire to stuff food in my mouth when I'm distracted soon.

Of course, tomorrow is Jason's birthday. It's Becky's as well, but since she's in Colorado with her mom, the party was last week. That doesn't prevent there being another cake for Jason, however. Gayle promised him a homemade cake.

I'll be very happy when about half of July is over. That gives me a little over a month without that sugary shit around. I hope. Around here, you never know. I really should check with the birthdays of some of the Pantheon who stay here are. I can't be expected to keep track of all that. I hope there aren't any too soon. A person could go broke around here. Or hyper. Or both, which is often the case.

Our weather has been mostly mild, with a few days of hot weather. Doug whines about this, of course. He looks forward to summer, so when it disappoints him with weather that occasionally drops into the forties at night, it makes him revert to juvenile behavior. Or, I should say, more juvenile behavior.

All right, I think I need a walk. I'm feeling slightly antsy (not hyper), so a walk should serve me well. Besides, John is due home any minute, and that's always incentive to leave.

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June 11th, 2012 (07:23 pm)

Attitude: busy
Noises: Squealing in my ear

It's been a very busy few days around here. I think this is the first time that I've been able to sit for more than a couple of minutes at a time.

My nephew Rafiq graduated from high school yesterday, and the past few days have been spent getting ready for all of that. I think that helping him get past his nervousness by distracting him was the most time consuming. Even though he's doing much better after everything, it still made him extremely nervous to be in a big building with a lot of people inside. He managed to get through it all right, though.

It's hard to believe that he's now a high school graduate. Time certainly does fly. We're all very proud that he's come as far as he has, and I know that he's going to keep going. He's been excepted to EWU, having applied there so that he could still live at home. He's not feeling quite up to living in the dorm at this point, which is completely understandable. He's taking one step at a time, but I think those steps will start to pick up speed before too long.

Markez has been high on sugar since the graduation party last night, and it looks like it's going to last awhile. It usually does, after all. For some reason, Amber dumped him on me for awhile today since he wasn't able to sit still long enough to concentrate on his own school work. She doesn't play fair sometimes.

After this week, all of the kids will be done with school. That should make things a lot wilder. Of course, that means it should be enjoyable as well. I like having the kids around. For some reason, it drives Amber crazy. I can't think why.

All right, I'm being climbed on at the moment, so this is as good a place as any to end this. I'd hate to type badly and/or confuse people.

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March 14th, 2012 (10:38 pm)

Attitude: hungry
Noises: Too much talking

I suppose it's time I make at least a short update again. I know it's been awhile. I just haven't felt like sitting down and making a post. I hear a lot of people have abandoned, or mostly abandoned, Livejournal as it is. A shame, since it's the only contact I have with some people. Such is life, I suppose.

To whoever's still around, I hope you're doing well. Things have been all right here. They've actually been quiet, for the most part. Well, when John's not ranting at the computer and asking it why it keeps fucking up on him, fully expecting an answer. I'll be quite happy if/when he ever gets another job that entails more than sucking up gas money to drive around and take pictures of houses, which means he's home far more than anyone likes. I think he's enjoying having a life of semi-leisure, even if he does have to be around people he's not fond of.

I did manage to go rock climbing about a week ago. It's a little early in the year for it, but I seriously felt the need. my hand gave me trouble here and there, but it managed not to fuck me up. It's difficult getting used to it not grasping very well. I keep working with it in hopes that it'll get better, however. There's always hope. I'm going to go again in the near future since it always tends to make me feel more relaxed.

We haven't seen my mother in a couple of weekends now. She's got another couple of cases that are keeping her running around, so she hasn't had time. It's the nature of the job, I suppose. Penny and my father have been rather disappointed about it, but I'm sure she'll be here one weekend soon. Perhaps she'll even be here this weekend. There goes some of the peace.

Our friend Tank, who I know at least some of you have a chance to remember as the cop who's helped us out on several occasions, has moved to Spokane for what will probably be a permanent relocation. He resigned from the department in Seattle after the shit that went down with the Occupy Wall Street protesters there. He's one of the good ones who refuses to help oppress the citizenry, and everything that happened there got to him. He didn't feel that it was right to remain part of a system that's starting to pull even worse shit. I really have to admire the man for remaining true to himself and exhibiting more honor and integrity than it seems the entire justice system has sometimes. And, it makes Murphy happy to have him here. He's the closest thing to family he has left, after all.

All right, I have to find something to eat and get away from Grace and Cheyenne and their incessant plotting. They need a new hobby.

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September 18th, 2011 (02:47 am)

Attitude: energetic
Noises: Becky's hedgehog in his wheel

I said that I'd write again soon, and here I am a little later than I meant to be, but sooner than I might have been.

Don't expect a long entry. Thanks to a trip to the fair with my family, and most especially thank you to Markez, I imbibed too much sugar today.

Or yesterday. However you want to look at it.

All told, it was an enjoyable day.

Markez really has to stop stuffing sugary substances in my mouth.

I need an anti-Markez device.

I have to go work off some of this excess energy.

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(no subject)

September 5th, 2011 (01:05 am)

Attitude: fine
Noises: Some movie John's watching on television

All right, I'm finally poking my nose back in here after a long absence. From what I hear, a good number of people who used to visit Livejournal don't anymore, or at least not much, so this may fall on deaf ears (or is that blind eyes?). The information age has completely fucked up a lot of perfectly good sayings. I think I may have to nudge some of you just to see if you listen.

You can all also thank our friend Amanda, aka themiskyra for my return. We finally heard from her after years of being out of touch, and since she has a Livejournal, I thought I'd take a moment to post, in case she's paying attention. You never know.

If you make it to Livejournal to read this, Amanda, it's good to have you back. If you don't, well, it's still good to have you back, but you just won't read that on here. See how logical I still am?

My typing leaves a lot to be desired. I dislike having to backspace and fix things. I wonder if this is a sign that I need to type more. Who knows?

Things are going well enough here at the moment. That changes from moment to moment sometimes, but for now it's peaceful enough. Well, it is when John isn't yelling at the computer for not doing what he wants it to do. He blames the computer, of course. The Hackers have had fits more than once because of his childish outbursts about how he hates computers and how they're supposed to do what he says, but they don't because they're apparently stupid. Go figure.

My family is doing well these days, which I'm hopefully not jinxing by saying that. I'd knock on wood, but I don't believe in that shit. I've been enjoying myself with pointing out as often as possible to my parents that they turned 60 this year, and I think they love me more than ever because of it, as well they should. Of course, they honestly don't look that old, but that's neither here nor there.

I'm not sure what else to say, really. Since I'm not sure anyone's even reading this, why should I expend too much energy writing? If you want me to keep writing, give me a shout. That means comment on here, for those who might be confused about what that means. Of course, if you aren't interested in hearing from me anymore, feel free to pass this by and ignore it. My feelings will only be hurt depending on my mood at the time.

As for Facebook? I obviously don't go on there much, so trying to contact me on there doesn't do much good. I might check it occasionally, but that's about it. Occasionally, for the record, equals about four times total since Grace created the fucking thing for me. I'm not a huge Facebook fan, in case you can't figure that out. So if you want to talk to me, you have to do it on here, unless you happen to want to try and catch me on an instant messenger (usually via Gayle since I spend time on the computer infrequently).

All right, I think that's about it. I'm going to nudge people and then go for a walk. It's a nice night, and I want to take advantage of it.

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(no subject)

May 2nd, 2010 (04:04 am)

Attitude: okay
Noises: Nothing much.

I know it's been a little while since I've posted, but I'm sure that no one's surprised by that after the last several posts that I did write. But I have a worthy rant to pass on, so I'm going to share it with you all.

To get the amenities out of the way, I'm fine, peachy, perfect, whatever. Enough of that.

To begin my rant, I'll explain that we roleplayed tonight. It started a little while after seven and went until a little after one. People who we aren't used to roleplaying with showed up, and it's always fun getting used to new people. Most of them I'm fine with. Chris, Ed's son, I've never liked and never will. And then there's Chandra, if that's how her name is spelled. I think it is, but I'm not sure. I don't even care.

Chandra rubs pretty much everyone the wrong way. She's annoying and gets very perturbed when she has a character that doesn't get a great deal of attention or chance to be played, even while making a character that would have absolutely nothing to do in a group of adventurers. This character doesn't fight, doesn't do anything at all but cook. Then she talks to Dave, who's running the game, about coming up with something for her character to do. Yes, it's his fault she chose a character that wouldn't have anything to do. He has to make something for her. Perhaps she expects a cooking contest or something.

But that isn't what the rant is about. The rant is about a comment she made near the beginning of the game, a comment that I couldn't help but tell her off about.

You see, there's a character in the game who is an escaped slave. He's quite attractive and so comments are naturally made about him. One was made about him being nude or wearing very little at one point in his life and someone mentioned a loincloth or some such thing. What did Chandra say about that? She made a comment about how she thought the character was a female at first and could understand the problems said character might have had with the slave role considering some of the duties she postulated there would be. However, she apparently believes that if the slave is a male and expected to be physical, there shouldn't be a problem with it unless, of course, he's got "other problems." I'm sure you can guess what those so-called problems would be.

So, in short, men are supposed to be perfectly happy with the idea of being a sex slave (not that that is what this particular character even was). Men apparently would like the idea of being forced to have sex at the whim of their owner. Being male apparently means that life is good if your only purpose is to service women whenever they like. One wonders why a guy would even want to escape then.

So yes, I had to call her on it. There's no excuse for that kind of attitude. Sexism is apparently all right if it's the woman being a sexist against a guy. Perhaps it isn't even sexism then? I doubt that what I said will have much of a lasting impact on her, but it did manage to quiet her down for awhile. She's far too obnoxious for any of it to stick. It would be nice if she decided not to roleplay with us anymore because of it, but that's not going to happen. She's apparently had run-ins before with Lidice, and hasn't let that stop her. She seems clueless to the fact that she should watch her attitude. At least I got to shut her up for awhile and make her sputter. I haven't lost my knack.

All right, that's enough, I think. I feel better typing it out, at least. Getting in her face about it was nice as well. It would be nicer if I knew it would teach her a lesson, but so be it. I'll at least be interested to see if she makes comments like that again. I'm perfectly willing to jump on her for those as well. It could become a hobby. Those are always good to have.

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(no subject)

December 7th, 2009 (04:18 pm)

Attitude: cold
Noises: A game on Jason's X-Box.

It's been a hell of a day. I never thought I'd agree with Doug about anything, but at this moment in time, I have to agree with him about the cold. That will go away as soon as I warm up completely, but for now I can understand where he's coming from.

Waiting outside of the high school while Rafiq was there was quite an experience. The cold doesn't affect me as much as it does most people, which is probably a very good thing, but it got cold enough today that I'm still feeling the effects even though I've been inside ever since I got back. At least I was smart enough to take my car instead of my motorcycle, so I had something to use as a buffer against the cold. I didn't want to waste too much gas, so I kept the car off most of the time. I also find it impossible to sit still for hours on end, so I spent much of the time outside. My father brought me something hot to drink a couple of times, so that helped out some. Unfortunately, tomorrow isn't supposed to be warmer, so I'm going to have to consider investing in some warmer clothing. Such is life, I suppose. I'm certainly not going to abandon Rafiq, even if he was feeling bad about me being there. I promised I'd do it, and I'm keeping that promise. Once he feels safe and secure enough to not have me there I'll stop, but not until then. And since he's as bad a liar as his father, that's something he's not going to be able to fake.

Other than that, life's been all right. All of the moving and settling in has made all of us (except John, of course) quite busy, but it's good to have a decent place to live. It's easy to see the stress has lessened tremendously on all of us, and it's good to see. It's a good time of year to be able to start over somewhere fresh, especially since that shithole of a house we left did very little to keep people warm most of the time. I think we'd all be perfectly happy with seeing a wrecking ball demolish the thing. It will be good to have Christmas this year in a new place.

I suppose I don't have much else to say. I could do a little ranting about John, but that's nothing new and I don't feel like doing that. But since I'm sitting here warming up, I figured I might as well write something. In case I don't manage to get on again before Christmas hits, I hope you all have a good holiday.

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September 19th, 2009 (04:26 am)

Attitude: okay
Noises: Madison telling me a story

All right, so I'm making another post. You can all put this down on your calendar since it happens so seldom anymore.

Things have been going all right overall. There have been ups and downs, one of the downs being the illness that's going around and attacking people, but it's leveled out somewhat. We haven't been hit with any big shit here for awhile, so we're counting our blessings.

Rafiq's been doing pretty well with going to school. He's managed every day but one so far, although he hasn't managed to sit all the way through most of his classes, but I'm proud of him for doing what he has been. We all are. He's been through hell, and seeing him step back outside of all that to try and get back into a normal sort of mode is encouraging. I wish we could help him more, but a lot of this he has to do on his own. I spend my weekdays outside his school throughout the day so he feels secure, and I'm happy to do that much for him. It doesn't feel like a lot, but then, what does? He still has a long way to go, but each step gets him closer, and he has to focus on that.

My own mood has been up and down, but that's nothing new these days. I'm not going to delve any further into that, but I'll put out that much for those who care.

We're going to be heading to the fair on Sunday, at least as many as feel they can handle it. The illness going around has knocked a few people off their feet, so it makes it hard for them. I think most will give it a shot, though. Gayle's still suffering from a bad sore throat and quite a bit of fatigue, but she told the kids they'd all go, so she's sticking to that so long as John doesn't fall through on the money. If he does, I'll take them instead, so long as Gayle doesn't get stubborn about it.

I suppose that's really about all. I don't want to bore anyone by going into things others have talked about, and nothing really jumps out at me to add. No promises about when I'll post next, but I'll try to do it again before too much time passes.

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(no subject)

August 16th, 2009 (08:54 am)

Attitude: hungry

I don't have much to say right now since it's early and I'm about to eat breakfast, but I decided I should at least put something up since I was replying to some comments.

Things are going all right for the moment, save for a few sick people who are suffering from whatever it is that's caught hold of them. Gayle's one of those, although hers has taken a different form for some reason. While Becky, Jason, and others ended up with serious throat pain and fevers, Gayle's just feeling bad all around with occasional, not as serious, throat issues and a tendency toward being either too hot or too cold. Hopefully that will fade soon and she as well as the others will feel better. Penny's throat is bothering her to the point that anything solid going down makes her whimper in pain, so she's getting a lot of broth, ice cream, and such things. It's quite interesting to watch my father take care of her since he's not used to doing that sort of thing.

Since I can't possibly prove myself wrong in my earlier statement by going much longer, I'll go get my breakfast now. I get the feeling there's going to be an amusing show around here before too long, and I don't want to miss that.


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August 6th, 2009 (01:45 am)

Attitude: okay

I'm still alive, which I'm sure you all probably had figured out. I simply haven't had much to say, and it's been rather busy here. Most of you know why since you read other people's journals, so that doesn't leave me with much to say, does it? That makes my job very easy and I'm sure relieves you all from the pressure of learning yet more shit from this end or reading me repeat what others have said.

As for me, I'm doing all right, which I suppose is a step or two above just being alive. I've had to endure the torture of my father's company more often than usual since I've taken to hanging out there often to keep watch on his neighbors. They need constant surveillance to keep them feeling nervous and hopefully cautious about their actions. It would be nice without the suggestive comments that still come from the females on occasion, but I'm learning to tune them out. At least being there guarantees some of Penny's home cooking, so I can't complain too much.

The usual antics have been going on, although at least my motorcycle has avoided getting attacked again. It's good to know that some still find me intimidating. It keeps my ego at least somewhat intact. I have gotten doused on many occasions, but I suppose that's inevitable around here unless you happen to be someone like Gayle or Tamika. At least the water helps to cool me off. Most are smart enough to avoid hitting me with the balloons full of pudding and other gooey substances. I think that the example I made of Hacker is probably strong in their minds.

I suppose there's not much else to say. I just thought I'd check in and thrill you all with a post. Consider yourselves properly thrilled. Or bored. Whichever.

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